Slim Midi Marauder - S35VN Tumbled Drop Point Blade

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Now with a Tanto option available! Sporting a .125” thick S35VN blade and 1/8” thick Ti handle & spring, proving to be one of our most pocket friendly EDC knives. Being known for making knives that are more for tactical, adventure and military use, knives such as these open up a whole new market segment for us – the business class. These are customers who want to carry a Medford in their dress slacks, lingerie, holster or a purse, but when deployed at almost 8” have the Medford familiarity. These are true EDC knives that don’t “Get in the way.”

Slim Midi Marauder - S35VN Tumbled Drop
Point Blade, Tumbled Handles, Flamed
Hardware, Flamed Clip