Prae "T" - S35VN Vulcan DP Blade-BB/Brsh Vio/Brz "Predator" Handles

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Elite Emperors Guard Praetorian Guards were elite men chosen from the Legions of Rome to serve as personal protectors of the Emperor. The MKT Praetorian T is just such a knife. This awesome design is topped only by the strength of the materials from which its made. .190 blade thickness, .125 thick solid Titanium frames and .250 pivots and hardware make this a knife like no other. Beautiful form and function, unsurpassed reliability and 2000 years from now archeologists will be amazed by the hand tools we once crafted.
All Praetorian variants come with a D2, NP3 coated tempered-glass breaking pommel. We have extensively tested these tips and you find them utterly dependable and 100% functional. No gimmick. No variations of this breaker, in material or form, will be done by MKT as it is meant to be an emergency lifesaving feature and not for ornamental appeal. If testing wear hand and arm protection as overexertion will ABSOLUTELY result in cuts to the hand and arm.

Prae "T" - S35VN Vulcan DP Blade, BB/Brsh
Vio/Brz "Predator" Handles, Flm
HW, Brsh/Flm Clip, PVD Breaker