Marauder - S35VN PVD Tanto Blade-BB/Brsh Brz "Predator" Handles

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The Marauder with its clean lines and robust design follows the premise of less is more. Note the curved Fuller-groove that doubles to not only lighten the forward weight of the design but also as a sneaky thumb-slide groove for opening. The sides are .187″ Titanium and The blade is .26″ thick. This design gets its name from the A-26 Marauder of WW II repute. The Marauder was known for awesome fire-power and brute force toughness in battle.

Marauder - S35VN PVD Tanto Blade,
BB/Brsh Brz "Predator" Handles, PVD
HW/Clip, PVD Breaker