Genesis "T" - S35VN PVD DP Blade-TumPVD Handles-Brz HW

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This is the ORIGINAL Praetorian design size. The Knife was made in its current full size as a printing fluke as a novelty! Who knew it would take the knife world by storm? This was the predetermined size of the design. The Praetorian Genesis is for that “This one is too big, this one is too small” knife nut. The Praetorian Genesis is that middle ground that looks as bad-ass as ever and wont spook Democrats in your presence but is still large enough for nearly anything. Folding blade steel comes S35VN standard.

Genesis "T" - S35VN PVD DP Blade,
TumPVD Handles, Brz HW,
Brsh/Brz Clip, PVD Breaker